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are you doing a mod to convert the aol buses from roller blinds to the ms hanover blinds??
Yes, but they're not coming out any time soon. I'm waiting on the update for AOL.
whats the update from AOL changing then?
Apologies about the delay to the repaint pack, the Rainbow One circle proved to be harder than I thought, otherwise everything is done.
For anyone followoing my repaint pack, V2 will be released later this month or October. This will include all the repaints already on, plus the following:

The Mickleover (2 varients)

The Nines (plain circle) (2 varients)

Indigo (2 varients)

Mango (varient 2, pay by phone)

Skylink Derby (2 or 3 varients, with Kinch seating)

Rainbow One (3 varients)

Stay tuned!
What Happend To The Sound Of The B7TL Alfia Bus
Mark Smith
Mark Smith
The sound mod & repaint pack isn't compatible with the full release because scripts and repaint templates have changed.
Hi there @iiBus, I noticed you have been liking a bunch of my resources and I thank you. I will be contacting you shortly regarding a few things, :)