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Aunt Bessie’s or McCain’s?
I know you are very busy making the eVoRa, but if I could have a response to this burning question, that would be great! Kisses! Xx
Apologies about the delay to the repaint pack, the Rainbow One circle proved to be harder than I thought, otherwise everything is done.
For anyone followoing my repaint pack, V2 will be released later this month or October. This will include all the repaints already on, plus the following:

The Mickleover (2 varients)

The Nines (plain circle) (2 varients)

Indigo (2 varients)

Mango (varient 2, pay by phone)

Skylink Derby (2 or 3 varients, with Kinch seating)

Rainbow One (3 varients)

Stay tuned!
What Happend To The Sound Of The B7TL Alfia Bus
Mark Smith
Mark Smith
The sound mod & repaint pack isn't compatible with the full release because scripts and repaint templates have changed.
Hi there @iiBus, I noticed you have been liking a bunch of my resources and I thank you. I will be contacting you shortly regarding a few things, :)
Hi, just wondering if you an make the 555 livery for the SP 400MMC and a 'Lakesider' livery for the B5TL open top. I am not forcing you to but I like those liveries and want to use them.