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[ono] TWM R1 NEG repaint for Digibus Phantom

OMSI Repaints [ono] TWM R1 NEG repaint for Digibus Phantom 1.0

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West Midlands Veg
The Painting Union
The People
DJ98 submitted a new resource:

[ono] TWM R1 NEG repaint for Digibus Phantom - A ˢᵗᵘᵈⁱᵒononoki Release

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Take Britain's first low floor double decker for a spin, R1 NEG, which was new to Travel West Midlands back in 1998. It is recreated here in it's preserved condition, based at Wythall Transport Museum just outside Birmingham. It was donated to the museum back in 2015, and it has undergone a large scale refurbishment, both inside and out, to restore it to it's original condition.


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