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Minestone Developer
The People
UPDATE July 2020

Been a while since an update for Minestone was posted here that due to other circumstances that came before the map. However Expect an update towards the end of July/ beginning of August showing of the three new areas that have been created. Also Along with the 11 Town Lines coming in Minestone 1 their is also a Park and Ride Service connecting the Bishops Sutton PR Site to the Minestone Aquatics Centre and Town Centre. Instead of it being known as a PR service it going to be named the Park and Glide.
Also The Minestone Town Lines are based of the Ex Basingstoke Town Lines and the NEW Park and Glide Service is based of the Guildford Park and Glide Services. If you didn't know/hadn't of guessed!!


Minestone Developer
The People
March 2021 Update

So Finally Here is an Update to what has been going on BTS working on Minestone. First and For Most Please Re-read the very 1st post that introduces the Map as It has changed and so that you know what's going on.

Summary of Changes:
- 5 Lines (4 Centred Around the Seaside Town of Brixham) the other starts off at Brixham and goes through Minestone to its destination of Portchester. There will be many variants of this Route
- Swiftling Standard Livery has received an overhaul with Twentieth Cent MT being the font now used instead of Trebuchet MS.
- Swiftling Standard White Livery is now part of the the Livery Set
- Brixham PR's also have their own Swiftling Livery a nice orange Colour.
- Brixham Esplanade so far goes from The Esplanade Bus Station to West Beach PR.

Screenshots have been labelled with what is being shown with some showing information about some of the Route that will be available in V1

A further post later will give an in depth look at the Swiftling Standard, White and Brixham PR Liveries.



Minestone Developer
The People
Swiftling Livery Showcase Update

As Promised from the post above here is a look at the Swiftling Standard, Standard White and Brixham PR Liveries