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[JR316] Arriva Southern Counties Streetlite Livery Pack

OMSI Repaints [JR316] Arriva Southern Counties Streetlite Livery Pack 2.0

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JonathonLawrence_316 submitted a new resource:

[JR316] Arriva Kent & Surrey Streetlite Livery Pack - An assortment of Arriva Kent & Surrey liveries

[JR316] Arriva Kent Wrightbus Streetlite livery pack


9.6m Cummins
- Arriva Journey Mark
- Arriva Low Carbon 281 (If Arriva did it right)
- Arriva Journey Mark 281 (fictional)

10.2 Cummins
- Arriva Interurban 116 (3 variants)

10.8m Cummins
- Arriva Interurban
- Arriva Low Carbon
- Arriva Journey Mark (ex Low Carbon)
- Arriva Journey Mark

11.5m Cummins
- Arriva Journey Mark (ex Fastrack)
- Arriva Sapphire (plain)
- Arriva Sapphire 480/490 (old)
- Arriva Sapphire...
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