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Hi, my name is Dave and I live in Hessle, East Yorkshire. I have to admit something straight away - I'm a Train Simulator player, not a Bus Simulator player. However, there is a degree of overlap and as I am remodelling my first ever map in Trainz, I have found a need for specific buses and thought this might be the place for some advice. I am modelling Hull Paragon station in the early 1980's and if you know Hull, you will know that the Bus station was next door, so I'm modelling that as well. I have need for both Hull Corporation and East Yorkshire buses from that timeframe - the Corporation buses in Blue / White and the EY in NBC Poppy Red. Neither are available ready to run on the Trainz DLS, but I wondered if there is any crossover between Trainz and the Bus Simulators? Or has Lockdown finally frazzled my brains??o_O


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Hi, my names Adam, im from Leigh,Lancashire,UK and love anything to do with buses and transport in general! I've only had OMSI 2 for a few months now but i'm absolutely addicted!

My favourite bus is the short wheelbase ADL Enviro 200 "classic" :)


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I'm Andy and I work on the railway for Northern but have a very keen interest in buses. Grew up in Wigan travelling on Ribble and North Western Leyland Nationals,Bristol VRs, Leyland Atlanteans and other classics.....Those were great days. I love playing OMSI and have looked into what it takes to create a map but it's far to hard for me! Massive Bus Vannin fan and my favourite bus is the Gemini 2.


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This is an English speaking forum. Please post in English.
Hola, mi nombre es Cesar y me encanta la simulación. Llevo años jugando a todo tipo de simuladores, ya sean de conducción, vuelo, vela, etc. mis favoritos hoy en día son Omsi2, Ets2, X plane y Asseto corsa.


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Hello! I am Keith Mitchell from Swanage. I am very new to Omsi 2 just getting used to it. I am really looking forward to the Swanage area bus map coming out soon. I like all types of buses, but would like to see some of the classic buses released, such as the Bristol VR, RE, FLF, and a UK style Alexander or MCW body put on the excellent CMB Fleetline. I love to chat, so you are welcome to find me on Facebook.


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Okay, just got admitted and I'm happy about it. My name is Joachim and I am a German living in Ohio in the US of A. I guess I am one of the old farts here, given the fact I am 56 years old. Simulators have been my passion for a long time. So i do not only appreciate the general development of any simulator but also groups and communities that share my hobby and enhance it by helping with problems or sharing additional content.

Bus Person Okay

Did somebody say Just Eat?
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Hi everyone,
I am a bus and rail enthusiast who plays OMSI 2, ROBLOX and TS2021. I am also a football fan (I support Liverpool for those of you who are wondering), and play FIFA 21 (mainly on career mode).

Favourite IRL bus: ALX 400 Trident
Favourite OMSI bus: Volvo B7TL ALX 400 by V3D
Favourite OMSI map: Smarden
Favourite ROBLOX bus simulator: Apsley Bus Simulator V4
Favourite ROBLOX train simulator: Stepford County Railway V1.7 (I am dispatcher)

I joined Quick Studios recently, apparently this forum is already aware of them from the owner I was told. He recommended here to me, and said I should try and revive the Quick Studios thread or whatever it was.
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Hi I`m Aaron, Im from Tamworth, but now live in BIrmingham. Railway nutter at heart. I worked as a volunteer on the Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Railway from 2002 to 2007. I mainly worked on the restoration of GWR 2-8-0 tank 4270.