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  1. dave55007

    Hull Bus Station

    Hi Myles, sorry, its for my Trainz 2009 Simulator. I wouldn't normally do such extensive work on a bus station, but since I have very vivid memories of it from childhood, I thought it would be an interesting side-project for my Hull paragon Railway Station build. Dave
  2. dave55007

    Hull Bus Station

    As I've mentioned in my Introduce Myself post, my name is Dave. I have recently modelled Hull Bus Station as it was in the 1980's to go with my rendition of Hull Paragon Station and here are a few screenshots of the result. Hope they don't offend! (Sorry about the Wilts & Dorset buses, but I...
  3. dave55007

    Introduce Yourself Here...

    Hi, my name is Dave and I live in Hessle, East Yorkshire. I have to admit something straight away - I'm a Train Simulator player, not a Bus Simulator player. However, there is a degree of overlap and as I am remodelling my first ever map in Trainz, I have found a need for specific buses and...