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Trent Buses (1990's style) repaint for E200 MMC (8.9m and 11.5m)

Trent Buses (1990's style) repaint for E200 MMC (8.9m and 11.5m) 1.1

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Required Assets
Enviro 200 MMC (
Go back to the 1990's with this fully recreated Trent Buses repaint for both the 11.5m and the 8.9m E200 MMC's, The 11.5m is based on the Dennis darts while the 8.9m is based on the Optare Solos which they both used to have in the 90's. With it's original features onboard such as the 90's style seating and original ads inside (based off Paladin M130 PRA) along with modern Trentbarton features such as the 3 sunlights (only available on the 11.5m variant), the modern flooring and of course, the stop/start feature.

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  1. Now for the 8.9m varient

    After a lot of requests, the 90's style livery is now available on the 8.9m version of the E200...