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Latest reviews

I cant find the repaint in omsi 2
The blinds are really useful and the repaints are just superb. 5 stars from me.
was really enjoying the mod and the london update came and now its no longer playable. Any suggestions?
WELL, I might update it to work again, however, this is unlikely at the moment due to the fact that the C400R is set to release a rather large update/improvement eventually anyway from the UKDT/London team, so basically, watch this space and see what happens. Not going to make any promises just yet :)
Thanks mate
Unfortunately the mod causes an error after installation of it. Had to remove
A good thing made even better
Fantastic! I've seen a couple of these in person and it's really good!
Thank you, just waiting for the update to be approved so people can actually use them. Note to self, don't upload stuff when intoxicated lol
Fantastic mod, do you plan on doing one of these for the C200?
Great pack. Keep up the great work :).
verry nice stickers makes it verry realistic but how do i know where to put the stickers on window templates