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[JR316] Arriva Southern Counties E400MMC Livery Pack

[JR316] Arriva Southern Counties E400MMC Livery Pack 5.0

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- Added Arriva Sapphire Old (fictional)
- Added Arriva Max (fictional)

- Compatability update for SP E400MMC
- Added Arriva Interurban - Southend Pride (6509)

- Updated 6517 making it more accurate with the new front logo and missing swoop/logo between decks on n/s
Likes: MrChips
Fixing my mistake, never mind :mad:
- Updated all Sapphire liveries - now all have white displays but no full rear
- Added Hopper Bus Livery - does have a bit of a bit of a problem with the roof at the rear but no one really looks at the roofs so it's fine for now (y)

- Added Arriva Sapphire (6526)
- Added Arriva Sapphire 320
- Updated all Arriva Sapphire liveries

Updated file structure, repaints will now work correctly, it's been a long week and i'm tired haha.