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EYMS X46 Repaints Pack for the Studio Polygon 400MMC

EYMS X46 Repaints Pack for the Studio Polygon 400MMC 1.1

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In 2016, EYMS bought two Enviro 400MMCs at the end of their demonstrator lives from ADL, branded them up with the help of Britcom, and launched them onto the Hull-to-York X46 as buses 794 & 795 respectively. Now both in service with Go North East IRL, as to as much of a high standard as possible, this livery pack aims to recreate both of these buses for OMSI 2.
Another livery pack that had to be done when this bus came out - this is a livery pack for Studio Polygon's 400MMC (ADL Enviro 400MMC) that intends to recreate EYMS' ex-demonstrators 794 (YX64 VOO) and 795 (YY64 GWX) as they were when they operated with the company on the X46. Both exteriors and interiors, latterly with the aid of MrChips for seating, walls, flooring, etc. have been made up to a high standard as possible - but then again, I'm not 100% on the interiors, so I'm open to suggestions as to how to improve them. However, this does mean that now, both ex-demonstrators' brief life with East Yorkshire Motor Services can now be accurately represented in OMSI 2.

Future updates to this pack should come if any references that can add any further detail can be found. Stay tuned in that case!

  • Please Let Buses Pull Out sticker by Frosty
  • Assistance with Interiors by MrChips and Jem
  • 795 Facebook & Twitter Logos by
  • References for liveries by various Flickr users (inc. dearingbuspix, Daniel Graham & Gaz's Bus Pics)
  • Livery by Hullian111


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