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    Introduce Yourself Here...

    Alreet I'm Andy and I work on the railway for Northern but have a very keen interest in buses. Grew up in Wigan travelling on Ribble and North Western Leyland Nationals,Bristol VRs, Leyland Atlanteans and other classics.....Those were great days. I love playing OMSI and have looked into what it...
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    Bus Vannin Repaints

    Good evening all This is a great community and one that keeps getting better. I'm a huge Bus Vannin fan and I am always on the look out for repaints. Does anyone know or have the knowledge to make a Bus Vannin repaint for the Streetlite? I tried myself and messed up big time! I have the Gemini...
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    Livery requests

    I would be very happy and thankful for the B5TL .That would be brilliant.
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    Livery requests

    That would be great thanks :) Anything that you like then that you think could represent a fictional Manx vehicle.I've always thought that some of the buses over there need some specific route branding if that's an option?
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    Livery requests

    Hello there.I'd be most grateful if you could possibly recreate some Manx buses? It would be much appreciated by myself.
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    Livery requests

    Hello there I appreciate all the work from the repaint community. I was wondering if it was possible for a Bus Vannin Gen 3 Stealth,Streetlite or Citaro to be done? Tried myself with very poor results. Many thanks Andy